If You Live in Plano Texas, Then Use My Plumber!

Hey guys this is Classic Car and just wanted to give a quick shout out to one of my best friends and my go to plumber in Plano Tx. My job for this site is to deliver the most upfront and honest reviews about any and all services that I have actually used! My toilet had been acting really weird lately…Damn thing would just keeping running and making a large annoying noise each time I flushed the dang thing.

Anyways I had several plumbers come in and each one of them were looking to up charge me on their service fee! My friend at Plano Plumbers Elite was out of town so I didn’t know who to trust. Anyways, each one of these clowns were looking to over charge me by $300 bucks!

My friend luckily had came back from his vacation and offered to come take a look. I told him to come on down and sure enough he told me that these other companies I called were known for up selling and such so ya I was a little pissed!

Thank God this Plumber is the real deal and he is the only one I trust in the Plano Texas area. Please do yourself a favor and choose my friend over at Plano Plumbers! He will do you right and tell him Classic Car sent ya!